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Understanding the Basics of Teeth Straightening Blog#004

Hey there and thanks for checking out the Palisades Dental blog series! In this post, we are talking about orthodontic dentistry and also every little thing you need to know about teeth straightening in American Fork, UT. We would like to start by responding to the usual questions individuals typically inquire about a topic like teeth straightening, so if you’re seeking more information about orthodontics and also teeth straightening, simply keep on reading! And if we do not wind up answering your concern in this post, make sure to have a look at several of our other articles about orthodontic dentistry!

Teeth straightening: Your Questions Answered

What is Teeth Straightening?

Teeth straightening is the process of aligning and moving teeth into the right position according to a person’s bite using external force and pressure over time. In simple words – if you have crooked, misaligned or misplaced teeth, they can be aligned again properly.

Basically, teeth straightening is aimed at improving dental health by correcting crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, deep bites, open bites, cross bites, teeth gaps, and other flaws of the teeth and jaw.


How does Teeth Straightening Work?

Teeth straightening moves your teeth by exerting constant pressure on them for extended periods of time. The shape of your jaw gradually adapts to conform to this pressure.

We tend to think of our teeth as being connected directly to our jawbone, making it hard to imagine how they can be moved. But underneath your gums is a membrane surrounded by your bones that roots your teeth to your jaw. This membrane controls the position of your teeth, and it responds to the pressure being put on your teeth by braces.

Getting teeth straightening doesn’t hurt during the appointment, and it takes between one to two hours for them to be installed. You may experience soreness for the first week you have braces as you adjust. Each time your braces are adjusted by your orthodontist, you may also be sore for a few days.


When do I Need Teeth Straightening?

The best age for getting teeth straightening varies from person to person. Most of the time, treatment begins between the ages of 9 and 14, once children start to get their permanent teeth.

But for some people, treatment as a child is just not possible. Whether because of expense, inconvenience, or lack of diagnosis, many people have to put off orthodontic treatment until their adult years.

Technically, you’re never too old for teeth straightening. However, that doesn’t mean you should continue to put off treatment.

Whenever you’re ready to pursue treatment for crowded or crooked teeth, you can schedule an appointment. You usually don’t need a referral from a dentist to make an appointment with an orthodontist. (

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