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Emergency Dentistry

Whether your tooth has been chipped, knocked out, abscessed, or just plain aches, we can handle it. If it’s an emergency for you, it’s an emergency for us!


When should i call?

Emergency situations can likely be prevented through addressing the issue sooner rather than later. The best time to call Dr. Youngquist was yesterday, the second best time is now.

NEVER WAIT! If you feel discomfort, chances are the problem has existed for some time now. Regular checkups can help catch issues leading to paying. Many people think the discomfort and pain will eventually go away, and end up waiting too long which can make the problem much worse. Call us now at 801-734-9223.

To speed up your visit, you can fill out the new patient forms beforehand. Simply download and print the forms from this website and bring the forms to your appointment.


Chipped or Broken Tooth

Did you know that chipped teeth can become even worse if they are not taken care of immediately? A broken or chipped tooth should be assessed immediately to prevent situations like over-exposed nerves which can be very painful. Dr. Youngquist will evaluate the tooth to help determine the best repair option.

If the broken or chipped tooth is sensitive to temperature or pressure, there is a chance that there could be bigger problems than just an embarrassing photo op. Call us today so we can assess your specific issue.

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