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Here at Palisades Dental in American Fork, UT, we believe that it’s important for you to practice good oral hygiene and that starts by visiting us every six months for your preventative dental care treatment. The preventative dentistry services we perform during your routine checkup include, but are not limited it, a teeth cleaning, thorough dental examination, and dental X-rays. One of the main reasons you should schedule preventive dental care appointments at our office near Lehi, UT, every six months is because it allows our team to develop a plan that is best suited in helping you achieve and maintain long-term good oral health.

Concerned about how your routine checkup will go? Have no fear! We here at Palisades Dental do everything in our power to make sure you are comfortable and aware of all things that are happening during your appointment. In fact, allow us to elaborate further on how your routine checkup will go.

Review History

Before we do any work inside your mouth, our dental hygienist will briefly ask you about your medical history, if there have been any changes in your health such as pregnancy, new medications, etc. It’s important for our dental team to be aware of any health or medical concerns so we can better treat you and deter any incidents from occurring

Teeth Cleaning

After sharing your health concerns with our dental hygienist, we’ll then begin to start working inside your mouth. During the first part of your checkup, you’ll receive a thorough teeth cleaning. During our teeth cleaning services, we scrape off any built-up plaque and tartar that collects above and below the gum line. We’ll also remove pesky food particles that are clinging to your teeth.

Our dental hygienists will then give your teeth a shiny, smooth finish using a tooth polisher that has a spinning head and faintly abrasive paste. This polishing gets rid of any missed residue from your teeth cleaning, and makes it more difficult for plaque to collect between dental visits.

Dental Examination

Preventative dentistry services are not just about fresh, squeaky clean teeth. Our team will have to probe around your mouth for any potential problem areas. With an angled mirror and probe we can check for the softening of tooth enamel, see behind your teeth and gums for swollen areas, locate mouth sores, and much more.

Dental X-Rays

Typically, the last thing we do during your checkup is take X-rays of your mouth to see if any problems are occurring below your mouth’s surface. All you have to do is bite down on a specially designed piece of plastic while our X-ray machine is placed next to your cheek. The resulting X-ray images will show your roots below the gum line, and allow our team to delegate oral services as needed.

Top-Of-The-Line Dental Services Near Pleasant Grove, Ut

When you come to Palisades Dental for a routine checkup or specialized dental service, you can expect state-of-the-art technology, tools, and equipment to be used. Plus, with a soothing and comfortable environment, we are a dental office proven to be family-friendly and extremely convenient for those living in an around Pleasant Grove, Lehi, or American Fork, UT. To schedule your routine checkup call our office now.

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