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Dental emergency in American Fork, UT? Allow Palisades Dental to aid you! We are your local, best emergency dentist and we are offering the whole Lehi, Highland, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Vineyard, and Orem, UT areas. If you are experiencing a dental emergency and need an emergency dentist now, give us a call at (801) 734-9223. To find out more concerning emergency dentistry as well as everything you need to understand about emergency dentists, then just stick around! We’ll cover a great deal of common questions individuals also inquire about emergency dentists next!

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentists


How do I Find a Good Emergency Dentist?

Half the battle of getting to the dentist is making an appointment. A good emergency dentist gives you plenty of options. They offer flexible hours, multiple locations, and easy ways to make your appointment like clicking a button on their website.

Finding your emergency dentist before you need them makes this process even smoother for you. You’re already in the system, and you know how their office operates. When you need to see the dentist, it’ll be even easier to get in.


When Do I Need an Emergency Dentist?

Any kind of accident, injury or trauma can cause serious dental issues, which is why it is safest to always call for an emergency dentist. You may lose a tooth or your gums may bleed. Any such problems require immediate treatment. Do not ignore them because they can have a tragic end. A broken tooth can damage gums from the inside. The nerves may be damaged as well.


What Does an Emergency Dentist Do?

Most people come to an emergency dentist to get help from ongoing pain and discomfort or acute situations. Here are a few common examples of when this is necessary.

Fillings – Once the numbness wears off from having a cavity filled, you may start to feel the impact. You may also notice your bite is no longer aligned and an adjustment is necessary.

Broken tooth – A broken tooth creates rough edges that can damage the gums and tissues in the month. It’s possible to see an emergency dentist for some relief, including reducing nerve pain, removing excess tissue, and getting medications for infection risks.

Root canals – A painful or exposed dental root can lead to complex problems. It is possible to treat this condition, to a point, during an emergency dental visit.

Wisdom teeth – If you have wisdom teeth trying to come in, or pain in the back of your jaw, it becomes necessary to get some relief. You may feel a pulsing under your gum. Pain relief is possible.

Swollen gums – If your gums are swollen, this could be due to an infection or inflammation. It can be painful and bleeding can occur. Emergency dental providers can offer solutions to this.

Pores in teeth – Your teeth may be very sensitive, creating a sensation of pain when you breathe. It’s possible to receive a desensitizer treatment that works like a varnish to seal those areas. This helps to prevent cold air from entering into them.


Dental emergency? Speak with your American Fork, UT emergency dentist, the best emergency dentist in American Fork, UT now!

Hopefully you were able to get a clearer picture of what an emergency dentist does and when you might require an emergency dentist. If you are searching for an after hours, emergency dentist in American Fork, UT, then look no further than Dr. Jeff Youngquist and the Palisades Dental team! We are your best emergency dentist in American Fork, UT, and are conveniently located for neighboring communities too, like Lehi, Highland, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Vineyard, and Orem, UT.

In our upcoming article, we’ll be discussing an emergency dentist near me.

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