The Best and Worst Types of Halloween Candy For Your Children

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As the year keeps flying by, it is important for us to not get blindsided by any holidays. One big day that is quickly approaching is Halloween. Every year, children of all ages across the country pick up the coolest, scariest and most head-turning costumes and outfits to trick-or-treat on the last day of October. At Palisades Dental, the top cosmetic dentist in Lehi, UT, we want all parents to do their best to limit the amount of bad candy their kids consume this Halloween. Here are a few of the good and bad candies you should look out for this year.  

Since most people prefer to have the good news before the bad news, here are some of the good types of candy that kids can enjoy:

Candy Bars With Nuts

One of the worst parts of candy bars happens to be the stickiness. The stickiness is what increases the chances of a child getting a cavity. However, candy bars that have nuts on them are able to break up the amount of stickiness that can be found on a given candy bar.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is by far one of the best candies you can consume. Chocolate has the potential to be more effective at fighting tooth decay than fluoride because there are compounds found in chocolate that are able to harden tooth enamel. In moderation, of course, dark chocolate may even be good for your teeth.

Time for the bad news…

Here are some of the candies you should try your best to limit:

Gummy Worms

Due to their acidic nature, gummy worms can be nothing but bad news to your children’s teeth. It is smart to avoid acidic food and drinks due to its ability to wear down enamel. When enough enamel is lost, your teeth can become very fragile.


Lollipops are one of the worst candies for you. They are much worse than any other kind of candy because of how long it takes to enjoy. Eating a couple of Starburst and brushing your teeth right after may not do much damage to your teeth because of the short time frame, but sucking on a lollipop can take minutes to enjoy. The longer period of time is so much worse for your children’s teeth.

Before your children devour their Halloween candy as fast as possible, schedule an appointment with us today to make sure your child can eat his or her candy without a problem. If a problem does occur, then you’ve come to the right place. As the top cosmetic dentist in Highland, UT, we can improve the smile of adults and children alike. Give us a call today at 801-407-9736 to schedule an appointment.  

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