Helpful Dental Tips for the Holidays

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You and the family might get some time off around the holidays, but your teeth are working harder than ever. Follow these simple dental tips to keep your smile healthy and bright from now until the New Year!

Stick to Your Usual Routine

You’re busy, yes, but you can squeeze in five minutes for your dental health! As always, you should brush twice a day for two minutes and floss at least once a day. Just remember to pack your toothbrush and floss!

Try to Relax

If you find the holiday season more stressful than joyous, then take a deep breath. Unclench your jaw. Stop biting your fingernails and grinding your teeth. Don’t add an unnecessary dental appointment to your ever-growing to-do list!

Don’t Overdo It with Holiday Sweets

Many holiday favorites can wreak havoc on your teeth. Hard candy — when chewed — can chip or crack your teeth. Caramel and taffy can pull fillings apart and damage enamel. And all those sugary Christmas cookies could lead to tooth decay. This holiday season, you should try out some of the tooth-healthy alternatives in our latest video.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as a Bottle Opener

When you need to open a bottle, package, or snack bag, there are much better tools than your teeth. Finding a bottle opener or a pair of scissors to do the job right is a lot less work than dealing with a broken tooth.

Choose Light-Colored Beverages

Would you pour a glass of red wine over your white shirt? Of course not! So why would you pour red wine all over your smile? This year, choose light-colored or clear drinks instead. You could also limit the damage by drinking darker beverages through a straw.

Look Up a Nearby Emergency Dentist

When the holidays arrive, it’s important to know which dental offices are open in case you need emergency dental care near Lehi, UT, or wherever you travel. Christmas dinner is no fun with a toothache, after all!

To schedule an appointment for emergency dental care near Highland, UT, or to set up your next check-up, you can always call Palisades Dental at 801-407-9736.

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