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4 Easy Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath

How can you Eliminate Bad Breath?


Many people wake up each morning with some not-so-nice-smelling breath. For most, simply brushing their teeth and using mouthwash can eliminate their bad breath for the remainder of their day. However, for the millions of people who suffer from chronic halitosis, aka bad breath, overcoming the smell coming out of your mouth can be difficult.


When brushing and Listerine just isn’t enough, many people reach out to us at Palisades Dental. As the top cosmetic dentists in the Lehi, UT area, we are constantly giving out tips and habits to follow in regard to eliminating any lingering bad breath.


If you suffer from chronic halitosis or are starting to feel self-conscious about your breath, remember these tips:


Follow a Good Brushing Routine


Brushing your teeth twice daily is one of the best ways to ensure the health and cleanliness of your teeth. Scrubbing your teeth in the morning when you wake up and before bed is the most important habit to start following. Many dentists agree that proper brushing should take at least two minutes. It’s a good idea to set a timer to make sure you’re meeting that time requirement.


Are You Actually Flossing?


If you’re wondering where your nasty breath is coming from, you may want to remember to start flossing daily. Food and bacteria can lay in between your teeth where a toothbrush just can’t reach them.


Your Tongue Can Be Dirty, Too


If using mouthwash, brushing twice daily, and remembering to floss isn’t helping, your bad breath may be because of the bacteria found on your tongue. Picking up a scraper from your local drug store can get the job done with no problem. Although a toothbrush can also be used to brush your tongue, a scraper will deliver better results.


Visit the Team At Palisades Dental Twice a Year


Our staff at Palisades Dental is able to determine if your efforts to eliminate your bad breath have been fruitful. On top of that, we can give your teeth a cleaning that can’t be matched by brushing your teeth each morning. If bad breath is becoming a common problem, give us a call as soon as possible.

Anyone interested in more information on any of services or what makes us the top cosmetic dentists in the Highland, UT area can give us a call at 801-756-1009.

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