3 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

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If you’re less than happy with the color of your teeth, it can be tempting to try to remedy the situation with a quick fix. Indeed, a trip to the local drugstore will reveal a plethora of different DIY teeth-whitening solutions that you can administer at home by yourself.

However, there are various advantages to leaving your teeth whitening to the knowledgeable and experienced dentists at Palisades Dental rather than trying to handle it on your own. Take a look at our list of some of the advantages of doing your whitening through our office.

  1. Even Whitening

With drugstore whitening treatments, the success of the treatment is often mixed. Some of your teeth may eventually turn out sparkling white, while others still retain some of their original shade, leaving you with teeth that are not evenly colored.

In contrast, the experts here at Palisades Dental will perform a thorough, even whitening of your teeth, paying attention to the fact that different teeth may possess varying degrees of discoloration so that they can customize the treatment to the individual’s needs.

  1. Select Your Shade

When you make use of a drugstore whitening treatment, you do not have the option of choosing which shade of white you would like your teeth to be. Generally, a drugstore whitening solution will produce results that vary from one user to another, while the users themselves are left to simply wait and see what the results will be.

By having your whitening done by a trained specialist, you will have the ability to pick precisely which shade of white you want, complete with charts and models that you can look at to compare the choices and make your own decision.

  1. Results That Last

By and large, store-bought whitening treatments do not have long-lasting results, and regularly have to be reapplied. However, not only will a professional whitening leave your teeth whiter for long periods of time, but our dentists can also provide touch-ups whenever discolorations do return.

Are you interested in scheduling an appointment with our team? Don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Palisades Dental today by giving us a call at 801-407-9736.

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