Emergency Dental Care in American Fork, UT

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Whether your tooth has been chipped, knocked out, abscessed, or just plain aches, we can handle it.  If it’s an emergency for you, it’s an emergency for us!

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when should i call?

Emergency situations can likely be prevented through addressing the issue sooner rather than later.  The best time to call Dr. Youngquist was yesterday, the second best time is now.

NEVER WAIT! If you feel discomfort, chances are the problem has existed for some time now.  Regular checkups can help catch issues leading to paying.  Many people think the discomfort and pain will eventually go away, and end up waiting too long which can make the problem much worse.  Call us now at 801-756-1009.

To speed up your visit, you can fill out the new patient forms beforehand. Simply download and print the forms from this website and bring the forms to your appointment.

Emergency Dentistry by Palisades Dental in American Fork, UT

Chipped or broken tooth

Did you know that chipped teeth can become even worse if they are not taken care of immediately?  A broken or chipped tooth should be assessed immediately to prevent situations like over-exposed nerves which can be very painful.  Dr. Youngquist will evaluate the tooth to help determine the best repair option.

If the broken or chipped tooth is sensitive to temperature or pressure, there is a chance that there could be bigger problems than just an embarrassing photo op. Call us today so we can assess your specific issue.

because dentistry should be comfortable

Are you tired of dealing with a toothache that won’t seem to go away? Are you constantly lying awake in pain caused by old dental work coming loose? Do you play sports and have recently suffered an injury that lead to a tooth being knocked out? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, you need to pick up the phone and call Palisades Dental and request an appointment for emergency dental care.

Our dental office, which serves those living in and around American Fork, Highland, and Lehi, UT, is a dentistry office that also offers a wide range of dental services including emergency dental care. No matter the time of day, current or new patients can contact our office to schedule an appointment for emergency care. To help with speeding up your visit, new patients can fill out a new patient form beforehand and bring it to their appointment.

Emergency Dental Surgery

In some cases, dental surgery could be needed right away. Fortunately, for those near the American Fork, Highland, Lehi, and surround UT areas, Dr. Youngquist at Palisades Dental is highly-trained and prepared to handle any dental procedure. One of the most common emergency dental surgeries patients require is a tooth extraction. If your tooth or its root is unable to be repaired, this is usually what occurs.

Another very common procedure that patients need to have performed is wisdom tooth removal surgery. If your wisdom tooth erupts from your gum and is causing severe pain, you should call us immediately. Some signs that lead to you needing emergency wisdom teeth removal include:

  • Physical discomfort while chewing foods.
  • Trouble opening your mouth.
  • An ache in your jaw.
  • A bad taste that never leaves your mouth.

Young adults are among some of the most common to suffer from this dental problem and 95% of the time the issue is with the lower wisdom teeth. Getting regular X-rays can help to determine when wisdom teeth should be removed and what measures should be taken.

Problems with Current Dental Work

When you can feel your current dental work begin to cause problems, it can be incredibly frustrating. The team at Palisades Dental understands this which is why we go above and beyond to quickly restore your shining smile if your current dental work is presenting issues.
Some of the issues you could encounter include:

  • Veneers that are cracked.
  • Implants that are broken.
  • Bridges that are chipped
  • Braces that are damaged.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

We understand that for many people, visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience and is avoided whenever possible. However, when you require emergency dental care, you are forced to come in because you are already experiencing a large amount of physical discomfort. We always make sure to keep you comfortable during your visit to our office, emergency or not.

Stop waiting and pick up the phone now to contact Palisades Dental for emergency dental care!